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There are a number of options for your company to choose from when advertising with the Australian-New Zealand Women’s Group (ANZWG). Each advertising avenue presents different opportunities to present your company and to sell your service, and you may decide to pursue one or more options. All pricing is in Thai Baht.

As with all advertising opportunities, all proceeds are donated to ANZWG’s many Thai charities. ANZWG very much appreciates the support of advertisers that enable us to make a difference in the lives of Thai women and children.

See end of page for Advertising Guidelines.

In Touch Magazine

ANZWG’S printed and online bimonthly magazine is delivered to each of our members, interest groups including schools and advertisers throughout Thailand. The thirty-two page A4 publication serves as a directory of local events, social gatherings and details to welcome our new members. 

Advertisement Size Dimensions Single Rate Discount Rate (six editions)
Quarter page portrait - A6 105mmW x 148mmH B 2 140 B 11 656

Half page landscape - A5

210mmW x 170mmH B 3 640 B 19 656
Full page - A4 210mmW x 297mmH B 4 750
B 25 650
Back Cover Full Page – A4 210mmW x 297mmH B 5 350
B 28 890
Advertising payment to be received by the 15th and artwork submitted by the 15th of the month prior to publication.
Artwork should be submitted in either .jpg or .pdf formats in high resolution (over 5MB), delivered preferably by Dropbox
or the like. 

ANZWG Website

In any given 12 month period our website receives approximately 16,000 visits; 8830 of those being unique views (individual
users - not repeat user/views). We can offer your business this level of exposure via our online advertising opportunities:
Advertisement Location
-located left-side
appearing on every page
180pxW x 80pxH
B 4,400 per edition period (two months)
-located right-side
appearing on every page
120pxW x 600-750pxH
B 6,000 per edition period (two months)
The website advertising spaces include a hyperlink to your nominated internet destination i.e. your company website or Facebook page. Lozenge or Skyscraper artwork should be submitted in .jpg format as per the sizing above, by 20th of the month prior to publication.
Bangkok Guide

Since the first Guide book was published in 1971, the Australian-New Zealand Women’s Group (ANZWG) Bangkok Guide has become one of the most respected publications of its kind. Compiled by foreigners living and working in Bangkok, the information and advice contained in the Bangkok Guide is based on personal experience and professional expertise and is designed as a complete guide to successful expatriate life in the city. Each edition is thoroughly revised and updated, making the Guide the most popular and reliable handbook for new arrivals and long-term residents alike.

Unlike most advertising media, Bangkok Guide enjoys enduring shelf life. The book is used as a reference - again and again – at least until the next edition is published. Each edition has an expected self life of around three years.  The 20th Edition is due for release May 2016. 

Please direct all advertising queries to:

Australian New Zealand Women's Group
Advertising Coordinator -

Advertising Guidelines
These guidelines are designed to ensure that ANZWG advertising does not mislead, harm or offend. Adverts must also be socially responsible and prepared in line with the principles of fair competition. These broad principles apply regardless of the product or service being advertised. All advertising must be consistent with ANZWG's mission and values and should not contradict or reflect negatively on the organisation's public image.
Advertisements are accepted subject to the following conditions:
1. Advertisements will not be accepted by companies promoting – either overtly or by association – cigarettes of any kind, nuclear power, potentially harmful household or agricultural chemicals, biotechnology, or any other products or services that are
deemed not to be healthy, or environmentally or socially responsible (which includes sexist, homophobic, racist or religiously intolerant).
2. Advertisements must avoid misleading claims and hyperbolic descriptions. In Touch Magazine reserves the right to ask an advertiser to prove all claims. Mention of third party endorsements or awards in your advertising is subject to In Touch Magazine approval.
3. It is the policy of In Touch Magazine and ANZWG, as a secular organisation, to decline any advertising from an outside organisation that promotes a specific religion or set of beliefs. We do welcome non-religious cultural or social services and community activities in support of humanitarian efforts that are beneficial to and of interest for the wider community that ANZWG serves.
4. All advertising must be clearly different in style from editorial. We do not accept fullpage text ads.
5. In Touch Magazine does not accept any kind of inserts in the magazine.
6. ANZWG does not accept gifts of products, or free/reduced-rate travel, entertainment of lodging from advertisers or suppliers.
7. Advertising should in no way suggest that a product or service has the endorsement of In Touch Magazine, its editorial department or ANZWG.
8. Ads should be of the highest graphic quality possible and be proofread so as not to contain typographical or grammatical errors. In Touch Magazine cannot guarantee that print quality of adverts if they are not submitted in the highest graphic quality available and are not created in the correct graphical way. In Touch Magazine cannot accept responsibility if adverts are poorly printed due to being created with incorrect graphic design methods.
ANZWG reserves the right to interpret these or any other guidelines that may be put in place from time to time, and to refuse any advertisement deemed not suitable for publication.