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Committee Members

The ANZWG Committee is made up from a group of committed, dedicated women that volunteer their time and resources to assisting with ANZWG’s primary goals of; generating friendships and being a source of information to those expats new to Bangkok, and to helping the many women in children in Thailand that are not as fortunate as themselves.

ANZWG Committee positions are voted for in March of each of year at the Annual General Meeting, and any member is welcome to put their names forward for consideration in any of the following positions.

Marylou Rainsford

Ann York

SJ Farnham Svensson

Siobhan Bland

Alison Howe

Chona Boardman

Diedre Larkin

Simmone Eletr

Emma Calgaro

Heather Clarke

Megan Peel

Rhonda Clatworthy
Bangkok Guide Coordinator

Lisa Coxhell
Bangkok Guide Advertising

Kate Ganner

Alison Howe
Assistant Treasurer

Lauri Barrett
Assistant Secretary

Stephanie Fuller
In Touch Advertising

Kate Ganner
Website Coordinators

Lisa Coxhell

Courtney Black

Jenny Nicholls

Jo Gadsden

Natasha Chadderton

Sarah Dobbs
Bangkok Guide Sales

Sophie Berger

Becs Bellingham