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Over 50 years of ANZWG

The Australian Women's Group (AWG) Bangkok was formed in 1954 as a social support group with a welfare focus. When the foreign community that year was approached to assist with the annual Y.W.C.A. fair, it was decided there should be an Australian stall. The few New Zealand ladies in Bangkok also joined in and the group quickly became the Australian-New Zealand Women's Group (ANZWG).

In 1955, Mr. D.O. Hay was appointed first Australian Ambassador to Thailand and his wife became the first Chairman of ANZWG. The Ambassador's wives remained chairmen of the group until 1975, when a President was elected and the Ambassador's wife became a patron.

In 1958 the New Zealand community in Bangkok had increased significantly and the women formed their own group and AWG once again came into being. In 1975 the members of the New Zealand Women's Group were voted in as associate members of AWG.

In 1983 AWG and NZWG merged to become one - ANZWG. The first President of the new group was Bev Laing and the first official ANZWG function was held at the Siam Intercontinental on May 13 that year.

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ANZWG's Distinctive Logo

LogoIn the 1980's the ANZWG logo was a pen caricature of a kangaroo jumping over a kiwi. In the early 1990's a competition was held by ANZWG and won by Susan Race - who designed the logo we use today.

At first glance it looks like any other piece of Thai woodcarving. However, if you look at it more closely, it has a lotus flower in the centre (Thailand), a kowhai on the right hand side (New Zealand) and wattle on the left (Australia).

LogoIn 2013 the new logo was launched, timed to coincide with the release of the 19th Edition of the Bangkok Guide. It was designed so as to communicate ANZWG as being a contemporary and forward thinking group, while retaining the graphical links between Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Camille Lynden-Bell did a wonderful design where the wattle, kowhai bloom and lotus flower were reworked and a simple black and white theme chosen.