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Role of the Committee

The Committee is a group of volunteers from the ANZWG members who have given their time and services to act as representatives of the ANZWG member base. The main purpose of the Committee is to ensure the ANZWG Constitution is upheld at all times.

The Committee is made up of a number of sub-committees. Each sub-committee is responsible for the different factors which make up ANZWG. It is the responsibility of each sub-committee to bring to the Committee recommendations for the Committee to vote on. The voting process is clearly defined in the Constitution but in short is done on Consensus. In the event of a tied vote the President (or Vice President in the President’s absence) has the right to an additional and casting vote.

It is the responsibility of all Committee members to provide support to not only their own sub-committee but also to the other sub-committee’s and the Committee as a whole.

Please click here to read the full ANZWG By-Laws.