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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteering at any of these places involves a continuing commitment, however this can be just a few hours a week and can be most rewarding!  For more information about volunteering with any of these organisations, please go to the link provided or contact an ANZWG Welfare Committee Member at

Pakkred Baby Home
Volunteers needed to go and play, feed and give lots of love to babies in the home. An ongoing commitment needs to be fulfilled as you will be assigned your ‘own’ baby.
Camillian Home
Volunteers are needed and appreciated to help children with disabilities and HIV. No qualifications or experience in a medical background required, just people willing to give a few hours a week, with a kind heart and a commitment in wanting to help.

Friends For All Children
Volunteers needed to interact with babys at this home, this is a much smaller home than Pakred and so you aren’t necessarily ‘assigned’ a baby. Very nice, small well run organization.
Sister Joans Milk Powder Run
Volunteers go to the slums at Klong Toey and help distribute the milk powder that Sister Joan buys with donations from ANZWG every two weeks.
Fatima Self Help Center
Teachers are needed here for the children and girls that Sisiter Louise has living in the residential home.
Volunteers are always needed at the Fatima shop on Sukhumvit, where the women from Sister Louises Center sell their products.
Goodwill Foundation
Volunteers are needed here to teach English to girls and women who are trying hard to improve their life and future employment prospects.
Spare Coin Donations
The following information provided by Sister Joan explains how the spare coins that our members donate at our morning teas are distributed.

School Time
15 baht - breakfast each morning
34 baht - breakfast + fares to/from school
15 baht - breakfast 10 baht, 5 baht is banked

Anytime - Day or Night
25 baht per person for a meal
25 baht each for the boys who sniff glue 
They come occasionally from evening time into the night for a rice meal.  Sister Joan walks out with them and pays for the food when they have ordered.
Many thanks to all who contribute and a special thank you to who organise the collection of these coins. Well done for the sorting of the baht into the 15, 25, 34 bags.
Blessings - Sister Joan