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The Australian Women's Group (AWG) Bangkok was formed in 1954 as a social support group with a welfare focus. The few New Zealand ladies in Bangkok at the time also joined in and the group quickly became the Australian-New Zealand Women's Group (ANZWG).

In 1955, the first Australian Ambassador was appointed to Thailand and his wife, Mrs Alison Hay, became the first Chair of ANZWG. The Australian Ambassadors' wives remained Chair of the group until 1975, when a President was elected and the Ambassador's wife became a patron.

In 1958 the New Zealand community in Bangkok had increased significantly and the women formed their own group and AWG once again came into being. In 1975 the members of the New Zealand Women's Group were voted in as associate members of AWG. In 1983 AWG and NZWG merged to become one - ANZWG. 


ANZWG is supported by multi-talented volunteers who provide their time and resources to assist with ANZWG’s primary goals of generating friendships, being an invaluable source of information and support to those families living in Bangkok. In addition ANZWG aims to facilitate support for many women and children in Thailand that are not as fortunate as themselves.


In the 1980's the ANZWG logo was a pen caricature of a kangaroo jumping over a kiwi. In the early 1990's Susan Race designed the logo which incorporated a Thai woodcarving of a lotus flower in the centre (Thailand), a kowhai on the right hand side (New Zealand) and wattle on the left (Australia).

In 2013 the current and more contemporary logo was launched, defining ANZWG as a forward thinking group, while retaining the graphical links between Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Designed by Camille Lynden-Bel the wattle, kowhai bloom and lotus flower were reworked and a simple black and white theme chosen.

Vacant Committee Positions
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If you are interested in joining the ANZWG committee in the vacant roles please contact the ANZWG President for further details.

The position descriptions can be found by clicking on the image to the left or on the one in the banner.


These members of the ANZWG Committee are all elected officers. They are happy to discuss any suggestions and/or questions.  Please feel free to speak with any of them at ANZWG morning teas, lunches or activities. 

If you are a current member you can also login to the Members only sections and leave feedback via the Members Feedback form. 

2019-2020 Committee

President - Theresa Rayfield

Vice Presidents - Kathy Barnett, Alison Howe

Secretary - Emma Flett

Assistant Secretary - Martel Carter 

Treasurer - Robyn Tait

Assistant Treasurer - Jo Strybos

Welfare -  Judy Smith, May Lawrence, Trini Faulkner, Carol Chatfield 

Membership - Alison Howe, Deb Ribeiro, Nimet Johnson, Sarah Pethick 

Activities - Rachel Thorpe, Alison Howe, Position Vacant; Katrina van Dulm (Events)

Kiwala Playgroup - Samatha Wilson, Anne Nichols

AdvertisingPosition Vacant

InTouch Magazine Editors - Martel Carter, Assistant Editor - Position Vacant

Website & Social MediaMarylou Rainsford 

Bangkok Guide SalesJentana Ngamkhiaw ​

Bangkok Guide 21st (2019) - Position Vacant

Melbourne Cup Coordinators - Chona Boardman, Jentana Ngamkhiaw

Australian New Zealand Women's Group, Bangkok Thailand 

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