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Activities Cancellation Policy

ANZWG’s Activities Team spends a lot of personal time and expense scouting around,

doing pre-visits, researching and managing relationships with vendors, suppliers,

services and businesses on behalf of members.

We have all been in the situation where we have had to pull out of something at the last minute, for good reason. Since we have to commit to service providers well in advance of our activities, we manage this risk by enforcing a Cancellation Policy, which is fair and reflects our intention to ensure costs are covered for each activity (there is no cross-subsidising); other members attending the activity do not have to absorb cancellation costs; and ANZWG is also not required to pick up expenses. This policy is supported by all members of the ANZWG Committee, and is as follows.

When there is a third-party provider involved (eg buses, vans or other service providers) members are required to cancel in writing to Activities within 48 hours of the RSVP deadline. Any cancellation submitted after the cancellation due date the member will be responsible to either find another member to take their place or pay for the activity in full.

At times, the cancellation policy may vary, depending on vendor requirements. If there is a variation to the standard cancellation policy, for a particular event, members will be advised.

If you would like to join the ANZWG Activities Team, please contact us.

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