The Bangkok Guide

ANZWG has produced two guide books designed to help newcomers prepare for, and settle into, life in Bangkok. The Guides are compiled by both expatriates and locals living and working in Bangkok, and information is based on personal experience and professional expertise.

The first edition of the Bangkok Guide: Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok was published in 1971, and very quickly become the 'Bangkok Bible' for all newly-arrived expatriates. Its usefulness is highlighted by relocation companies and international schools providing a copy of the Guide as part of a welcome pack to their incoming expatriate customers and new teachers, as well as the two largest bookstores in Bangkok keeping stock on their shelves all year round. The 20th edition was published in 2016, and has now sold out.

Bangkok Guide: Relocation Essentials provides valuable insights to understanding Bangkok and preparing you for your move, and includes:

  • an insight into Thai culture and its history,

  • advice on what essential items to bring and what to leave behind

  • information to help you establish yourself, important points to consider when choosing which area to live in, what type of house, apartment or condo would suit your needs best,

  • an introduction to educational choices if you are moving with children.

The Relocations Essentials ebook can be purchased through:

The 20th edition of the Guide has now sold out!

Thank you to our distributors, buyers and advertisers for their support, and for the hundreds of volunteers who helped make the guide such a success.

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