The Bangkok Guide

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Get lost between the covers and discover everything you need to know about moving to and living in Bangkok!

ANZWG is responsible for the publication of two guide books designed to ensure the successful preparation for and integration into life in Bangkok. The Guides are compiled by expatriates living and working in Bangkok, and information is based on personal experience and professional expertise.

The first edition of the Bangkok Guide: Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok was published in 1971, and now in it's 20th edition it has become the 'Bangkok Bible' for all newly-arrived expatriates. Its usefulness is highlighted by relocation companies and international schools providing a copy of the Guide as part of a welcome pack to their incoming expatriate customers and new teachers, as well as the two largest bookstores in Bangkok keeping stock on their shelves all year round.

The 20th edition of the Guide continues to provide a wealth of information to help you settle into Bangkok. 

Easy to navigate and fully indexed, including information on:

  • The logistics and legalities of moving to Bangkok

  • Finding a home and getting settled

  • Hospitals, doctors, and staying healthy in Bangkok

  • Schools and adult education

  • Living in Bangkok with babies and children

  • Hairdressers, tailors, accountants, repair shops and more

  • Comprehensive shopping guide including local markets

  • Clubs, sports and activities for all ages

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Exploring Bangkok and beyond

This Guide also includes a laminated Bangkok Guide Map highlighting many of the places listed.

Bangkok Guide: Relocation Essentials is written to help you prepare to move to Bangkok with helpful information and tips needed before you come on a “Look See” trip or make the big move to Bangkok. Get the ebook version of the first 3 chapters of the full book.

This ebook will provide you with valuable insights to understanding Bangkok and preparing you for your move:

  • an insight into Thai culture and its history,

  • advice on what essential items to bring and what to leave behind

  • information to help you establish yourself, important points to consider when choosing which area to live in, what type of house, apartment or condo would suit your needs best,

  • an introduction to educational choices if you are moving with children.

Advertising Opportunites

The Bangkok Guide has an approximate shelf life of three years, providing a unique and enduring advertising opportunity.

The latest, and 20th edition, of Bangkok Guide was published in May 2016.


If you are interested in advertising in the next edition of the Bangkok Guide, please email the ANZWG Bangkok Guide Coordinator or complete the "Contact Us" form below.

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