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 Welcome to the Australian-New Zealand Women's Group 

Bangkok, Thailand 

The Australian-New Zealand Women's Group (ANZWG) has been promoting friendship amongst its members during their stay here in Thailand for well over 50 years.


Throughout the year we organise a variety of events:

  • Tours exploring Bangkok

  • Fundraisers

  • Lunches

  • Cultural visits

  • Bike rides or walks

  • Cooking classes

  • Shopping trips

  • Half day or full day excursions

  • Morning Teas

  • as well as special events to celebrate Christmas, Mother's Day and more.


A highlight every year is the Melbourne Cup Charity Luncheon held on the first Tuesday in November.


ANZWG is also well known for its community service work, fundraising efforts and its two impressive publications. The Bangkok Guide: the Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok and Bangkok Guide: Relocation Essentials.

Benefits of being a member


  • Access to our member-only Facebook group - members are a great resource on how to find things & what to do in Bangkok. 

  • VIP invitation to all of our events and social gatherings. 

  • ligible to be nominated for our committee team.  


Annual membership fee is 1,200THB.

If you're a new member, joining us partway through our membership year, a discounted rate will be applied.


Membership is open to all Australian and New Zealand women, and women who are married to or have an Australian or New Zealand partner. Membership is also open to male dependant partners of a woman who qualifies to the above. Men and women who are closely associated with either Australia or New Zealand are considered for membership by the committee.

If you would like to join, complete this online form, or if you would like to know more, email


Kiwalas is an informal group for ANZWG members (or their partners) with young children.  The group is a great help to new arrivals to Bangkok and provides a launching pad for friendships and a ready made network of people who have children of similar ages to socialise with.


Activities range from:


  • Family picnics

  • Indoor soft play get togethers

  • Easter and Christmas events

  • Lunches

  • Partner dinners

  • Half day events in Bangkok and surrounding areas

  • Various theme parks visits and cultural centres 


Most children who currently attend are between 18 months to 3 years however this is constantly evolving. If you would like to know more, email


History of ANZWG

[link to ‘all about ANZWG’ - info below ]


The Australian Women's Group (AWG) Bangkok was formed in 1954 as a social support group with a welfare focus. The few New Zealand ladies in Bangkok at the time also joined in and the group quickly became the Australian-New Zealand Women's Group (ANZWG).


In 1955, the first Australian Ambassador was appointed to Thailand and his wife, Mrs Alison Hay, became the first Chair of ANZWG. The Australian Ambassadors' wives remained Chair of the group until 1975, when a President was elected and the Ambassador's wife became a patron.


In 1958 the New Zealand community in Bangkok had increased significantly and the women formed their own group and AWG once again came into being. In 1975 the members of the New Zealand Women's Group were voted in as associate members of AWG. In 1983 AWG and NZWG merged to become one - ANZWG. 


ANZWG is supported by multi-talented volunteers who provide their time and resources to assist with ANZWG’s primary goals of generating friendships, and being an invaluable source of information and support to those families living in Bangkok. In addition ANZWG aims to facilitate support for many women and children in Thailand who are not as fortunate as themselves.


Why advertise with ANZWG

[link to advertising - info below]


Advertising on the ANZWG website provides exposure to new expatriates and existing ANZWG members, ensuring your business has top of mind awareness.


There are 2 advertising placement opportunities on the website:


1. Banner

2. Button.

For the greatest impact, advertise on the banner position at the top front and centre of the Home page with a link to your website. Banner dimensions - 980pxW x 118pxH.


The button is located prominently underneath the banner at the top of the website. Button dimensions  - 174pxW x 77pxH.

For both advertising positions, the advertisement can be changed regularly, providing a fantastic opportunity to promote seasonal special events or products.  


ANZWG is a not-for-profit organisation and as such all surplus proceeds from advertising are donated to one of the many charities ANZWG supports. With such support, ANZWG can continue to be able to make a difference in the lives of Thai women and children. For further information on any of the opportunities listed below please contact Advertising.



ANZWG members support Thai women and children by volunteering and fundraising. Read more



Join a wonderfully supportive Bangkok expat community. Read more

ANZWG Bangkok Guide Ebooks
ANZWG Bangkok Guide

Moving to Bangkok?

Buy the Bangkok Guide: Relocation Essentials ebook to prepare for your arrival.

The famous hard-copy Bangkok Guide: the Essential Guide to Living in Bangkok has now sold out after 20 editions, and nearly 50 years!

Read more about the ANZWG Guide, how to buy your ebook & how your purchase helps others.

 sold out 

ANZWG womens group


Members are invited to attend regular activities & events organised by ANZWG. Read more

June M Tea 001.jpeg


Join our weekly informal playgroup for members with small children. Read more

Member's Magazine
InTouch June-July 2021  - Cover-01.png

Members enjoy reading a bi-monthly magazine edited & produced by members for members. Learn about Thai culture, get to know members, stay updated on activities and events, and get the latest news from ANZWG groups. The magazine is distributed via email to members.

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