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Welfare & community projects

Our history

ANZWG has an established tradition of giving back to the Thai community in which we live. Funds raised by ANZWG have assisted a range of organisations that work with Thai women and children to promote their health, wellbeing and education. The ANZWG Melbourne Cup luncheon and sales from the ANZWG Bangkok Guide provide the main source of funds for welfare, educational and community projects however other funding opportunities also occur throughout the year.


ANZWG also raises funds throughout the year which support health, welfare and education projects.

As well as focusing upon supporting children from poor and remote communities in Thailand with educational scholarships, funds raised by ANZWG have supported numerous large and smaller community projects from various organisations throughout Thailand. Currently more than 100 students are being sponsored by ANZWG through six charitable organisations.

Examples of organisations previously supported by ANZWG.


  • Scholarships to Good Shepherd Sisters in Nongkai, Diocesan SAC, Mercy House, THEP and Duang Prateep Foundation, providing support to 68 children and students for their school fees, books, stationery and uniforms.


  • The multipurpose hall for Ban Mae Sapbeung School, near Mae Siriang, Northern Thailand, was completed.

  • One of the 3 ANZWG sponsored THEP students graduated in physiotherpy from the Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai University. 


  • Building of a multipurpose hall for Ban Mae Sapbeung School, near Mae Siriang, Northern Thailand, and when required it can be used as a meeting hall for the villagers.


  • Good Shepherd Sisters Din Daeng (8 industrial sewing machines), 

  • Good Shepherd Sisters,Nong Khai, hospital beds & wheelchairs

  • THEP - new canteen and some furniture. 


  • Good Shepherd Sisters Din Daeng (8 industrial sewing machines), 

  • Don Bosco flood victims support,

  • Roy Rak Jewellery


  • Operation Smile (booklets for parents),

  • Ban Mae Kit (girls dormitory),

  • Rainbow House (roof for sports ground)


  • Haus Bethesda Orphanage (activity room& bathroom),

  • Home of the Open Heart (electrical transformer)


  • Smiles on Wings (mobile dental facility),

  • Replace library books for 5 schools affected by floods

Welfare team

The ANZWG Welfare team has responsibility for providing informed recommendations for the endorsement of community requests as well as following the progress of projects currently funded by ANZWG. This includes the members travelling to various locations within Thailand to visit the relevant organisations and/or receiving photo documentation of the progress of the projects. The team also arranges visits for members to familiarise them with local charities in Thailand.

Further information about ANZWG community work, or projects supported by ANZWG, can be obtained by emailing

School Building Melb Cup 2019.jpg

In February 2020, proceeds from the 2019 Melbourne Cup lunch were donated to Ban Mae Sapbeung school, near Mae Sariang, to build a multi purpose hall, to be used as a school hall, a classroom for special projects, as well as a meeting hall for the villagers.

We were made aware of the school and their needs via The Hilltribe Education Project (THEP).

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Over 50 years of
ANZWG Community Welfare

To see a snapshot of the Community Welfare projects ANZWG

has had the privilege of being a part of for over 50 years, please click the button below.

Opening of the canteen at Song Kwan school near

Chiang Mai.

2018 Melbourne Cup fundraising recipient,

The Hilltribe Education Project (THEP)

Good shephered Sisters Bangkok
Thailand Hilltribe eduction projects
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